ASCC All-Star Community Platform

Blockchain-Based Filme And Television Copyright Trading Platfrom

What is ASCC ?

It provides a public chain of financial services and resource allocation for the pan-entertainment field, realizes the optimal allocation of the pan-entertainment factor market (capital, intellectual property, talent, resource, etc.), promotes industrial development, and reshapes industry rules. ASCC relies on blockchain underlying technology to build the industrial ecology. With naturally having an “open platform” gene, it opens to all, and establishes the governance framework of All Star Community Coin (Foundation) based on the principles of democracy, openness and equality.

  • Development Trend of ACSS

    New Trends in Global Informatization Development

    Information technology has become the core force to promote global industrial change, and constantly gathers innovative resources and elements, interacts with new business forms and new business models, and promotes the transformation, upgrading and transformation of agriculture, industry and service industries. A brand-new industrial economic development model is coming. At present, there are some new trends in the process of global informatization
  • The Value Embodiment of ACSS

    Using Block Chain to Construct New Ecology of Civil and Recreational Industry

    In the face of this fast-growing industry, the major domestic film and television cities not only show their cultural charm, but also make great contributions to the tourism economy. In this prosperous situation, there are also many hidden disadvantages. For example, the economic effect of fans has been in the traditional development, the high salary of stars, the non-standard management in the industry, the Limited Copyright transactions and other phenomena are the problems of the development of the film and television industry. As the era of Internet economy, the birth of block chain can improve this phenomenon very well, and standardize the whole industry chain through the Internet. ALL STAR COIN will rebuild the new ecology of entertainment industry by using the unique characteristics of block chain.
  • Ecology of ACSS

    A Systematic, Processing and Integrative Trust Ecology

    ASCC is committed to building a pan-entertainment ecosystem, and it will also be the most important sub-application in our public chain. As an infrastructure and connector, ASC can carry out the development and collaboration of various applications in various scenarios based on this industry.
  • Distributed Data Exchange System

    Exchange System

    ASCC supports a variety of global data exchange protocols to support different business scenarios. At the same time, it combines data exchange protocol with distributed account book to form a distributed data exchange process, and provides a series of cryptographic component support for data and privacy protection.

    Copyright Protection of Data

    ASCC designs the life cycle traceability mechanism of relevant data, realizes the establishment of digital identity for each data, and has tracked the whole process of registration, request, authorization and transaction with a theme; secondly, the version protection of data, and the transaction of data are recorded in distributed books

    Data Authorization Mechanism

    In data exchange system, data privacy protection and data leakage prevention are the key points. In the trust ecosystem of ontology network construction, authorization mechanism is designed, that is, any data transaction involving data subject needs to notify data stakeholders to conduct authorization transaction

ASCC Fragment-Distributed Ledger

ASC fragmentation is the infrastructure of underlying storage, which is characterized by distributed book-keeping technology.
Decentralization, non-tampering and joint bookkeeping.

Data Directory

Matching of data unique identifier and data resource acquisition address

Data Exchange

Implementation of data exchange framework for entities, people, devices, and content

Process Collaboration

Process collaboration of entity cross-chain and specific cross-chain protocol

Entity Registration

Registration and authentication through flexible configuration and integration of its own authorization service and third-party authentication mechanism

Smart Contract

Implementation of more business processes for different businesses, and establishment of specific technology trust mechanisms

ASCC Application Scenario

ASCC network is the infrastructure of connectors and business support. In the ASCC ecology, partners from all industries can carry out new business models of various distributed systems, and these diverse distributed application services are connected to form a larger systemized service ecology through ASCC network.
strategic partners
We and Strong Strategy
Cooperative partner

Strategic cooperation with powerful media groups, friendly cooperation with professional block chain organizations, effective communication mechanism with authoritative cultural organizations, in-depth integration of China's unique culture and extensive entertainment industry, to create a block chain-based film and television copyright trading platform

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